Hard rock with melodic hooks and killer riffs is the style that Central Pennsylvania natives Candlelight Red specialize in – as evidenced by their full-length debut, ‘The Wreckage.’ Comprised of vocalist Ryan Hoke, guitarist Jeremy Edge, bassist Jamie Morral, and drummer Brian Dugan, the group turned heads straight away, by beating out over 10,000 other bands to win the 2010 national Guitar Center “Onstage” contest, which landed them an opening slot for KISS. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS specifically chose the band from among 22 regional contest winners. As a result, CLR had the honor of opening a show for KISS in Pittsburgh in late 2010.

As KISS’ Gene Simmons said of CLR, “Once upon a time, someone gave KISS a chance. We have always believed in giving back. From giving our fans the Hottest Show on Earth to giving new talent a shot. Congratulations to Candlelight Red [on being selected by KISS and winning the Guitar Center’s 2010 ‘Onstage Contest’]. Well deserved.”

Around the same time, the quartet inked a record deal with Imagen Records. Working with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (whose credits include working with Silvertide, Halestorm, and the Roots), the band’s Imagen Records debut is ‘The Wreckage,’ which has spawned such popular and radio ready tracks as “She’s Got the Look” and “Closer.”

Subsequently, Candlelight Red earned strong reviews across the board, including the fine folks at, which raved “CANDLELIGHT RED might be the one great hope: a band that can play to the rock fans and head bang the metal fans.”

And Candlelight Red has consistently proven that they are an exceptional live act, as evidenced by kick ass performances on the Uproar Festival (alongside such popular acts as Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, and Stone Sour), and separate tours with Sevendust, 10 Years, Saving Abel Egypt Central, Lacuna Coil, and Crossfade.

Up next for the band will be an EP produced by Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose. As Rose himself explained, “While having Candlelight Red on tour with Sevendust, I was able to get familiar with their music and build a friendship with some of the band members. So when they approached me with a desire for me to produce them, I jumped at the opportunity. After talking about what our goals were for the recording, we were happy to realize our goals were one in the same. To capture the band’s live sound is the objective, and it’s gonna happen. I’m beyond excited to get these songs finished and out to their fans!”

You can’t argue with the facts – Candlelight Red is one of rock’s most promising upcoming groups, and are off to an incredible start with ‘The Wreckage.’