Jelena Jela Mihailovic (Jela Cello), cellist, was born in 1987 in Valjevo, Serbia. Jela started musical education at the music school “Zivorad Grbic” in Valjevo in class of professor Mrs. Nada Jovanovic. Jela continued education at the high music school “Josip Slavenski” in Belgrade, Serbia, and graduated as the best student of the generation.

She participated in and won numerous awards from national and international competitions:
First prize at the Festival of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia, 1999;
First prize in the Republican contest, 2000;
Third prize at the federal competition, 2000;
Second prize at the Festival of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia 2001;
Third prize at the Republican contest, 2002;
The third prize at the International Competition “Alekandar Glazunov” in Paris 2003;
First prize in the Republican contest, 2004;
First prize in the Republican contest of 2006;

Jela enrolled The Faculty of Music in 2006 as a regular student of undergraduate studies / string section / cello in the class of professor Mr. Dragan Djordjevic. Bachelor studies Jela completed with the highest marks, and thereafter continued master studies. She graduated within the grade 10 (highest mark), as one of the best students of the generation. After master studies, Jela completed specialist studies and became Specialist of the Music Art.

Jela is the winner of the prestigious social recognition “Golden Badge” and Gold Medal which is awarded for the selfless, dedicated and time-consuming work and creative contribution to the dissemination of culture traditionally awarded the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Religion and Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia, which has been served on the a ceremony April 18, 2012, at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

In 2013, at the Tenth International Cello Fest in Belgrade, Jela performed the World premiere of the piece “Black Swan” which is written specifically for Jela and for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Cello Fest. The piece is written by composer Aleksandar Simic.

In December 2014, Jela marked an important collaboration with the singer of the legendary American rock band “Journey”, with rock super star Arnel Pineda, the duet for the song “Jingle Bells” which was well received by audiences around the world, and the largest echo is made in the USA and Asia, where the animated holiday video aired on MTV and MTV ASIA / MTV USA as well as on the Nickelodeon channel.

Based on success of this duet single with Arnel Pineda, Jela continued to work on material for 2015 Christmas album “Christmas Dreams” and nine tunes in house-dance arrangements for solo cello and symphony orchestra are released by Imagen Records label for Christmas season 2015 in production of SANRE Entertainment.

On Jela’s initiative was formed symphony orchestra “Jela Cello Power Symphony Orchestra ” which is consisted of 60 young artists, all of whom are students or graduates of music academies in the country and abroad. “Jela Cello Power Symphony Orchestra ” has held numerous performances and there are negotiations with some European TV stations to host a reality program of forming the symphony orchestra where young, talented musicians, both professional and amateurs will get their chances to be part of one serious symphonic organism, which will, beside classical music, perform rock and pop music touring around Europe and possibly USA and Asia.

In November 2013, the Cultural and Educational Association awarded Jela and the members of the orchestra “Jela Power Cello Symphony Orchestra” at the City Hall of Belgrade, for the outstanding effort and commitment in the field of culture as well as in the field of approaching symphonic music to a wide audience.

During Jela’s stay in the United States, Jela held several noticed performances and one of the most successful appearance was the one on the red carpet of the Oscar Party in Hollywood hosted by James Cameron and attended by the biggest stars of Hollywood (Halle Berry, Sean Penn Charlize Theron, Zendaya etc…). On that occasion, Jela presented her work which was fantastically accepted by the audience.