Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy. However, it’s essential for some, and from the beginning, Separations’ desire has been to blaze their own trail. The Atlanta quintet made their initial mark with a well received full-length debut album for Imagen Records, ‘Dream Eater,’ released in 2015 and produced by James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands Like Houses, Dashboard Confessional).

On their follow-up to ‘Dream Eater,’ Separations holds nothing back and continues to cut their on path with the release of ‘Bloom’! The quintet, comprised of Tyler Whitfield (vocals), Myles Priest (guitar), Brenden Worthington (guitar), Seth Van Dusen (bass), and David Richey (drums), has expanded on their debut with a breadth of maturity and experience, resulting in an ambitious, breakthrough record, which pushes the boundaries of what’s expected from heavy/melodic rock bands today.

Songwriting shines on ‘Bloom’ as the band finds their groove, creating memorable hooks and massive riffs, without sacrificing lyrical substance. The record dives deep into their psyche as it the conveys the band’s hardships and personal growth.

Each Separations performance remains unpredictable, making for an unforgettable experience every time these five musicians hit the stage – which they continue to display on every tour and performance they are apart of. Fans can catch the band live on the Vans Warped Tour summer of 2017 (July 6-July 24).

Separations 2nd full-length album, ‘Bloom,’ will be released on June 23rd via Imagen Records.